Parties and Studio Rental

We specialize in bachelorette parties, birthdays, lingerie parties, or even just a girls night out to feel sexy while burning calories and having a good time! Call today to host your own private party! (352)335-4814

Dance Studio Rental   $200.00 
Includes 1 hour and 30 minutes private use of our beautiful dance studio for up to 15
people.  The studio rental includes your own personal pole dance instructor and a choice of chair, pole, lingerie party, or a little bit of each!

*16-24 people $300
 $50 each additional hour

For A Private Dance Experience..

For an additional $150 the Lingerie Company will close the ENTIRE store for your party to have a private dance experience. With this exclusive experience, your entire party will receive a store-wide discount of 20% off any purchases made throughout the party.To make this deal even better, we will allow you to bring any food, alcohol, or beverages of your choice to set up and enjoy while having the ultimate sexy dance experience with your friends. 


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