Remember when the two of you first got together . . . things were magical, fun and exciting.

Would you like to feel that way about each other again . . .

Enter the Lingerie Company, Gainesville's hottest boutique for Lovers.

The Lingerie Company has been servicing Gainesville for over 15 years and is now at our brand new location at 2614 SW 34 Street. We specialize not only in Lingerie but Lotions, Potions and what we like to call Sexy Notions. Whether you're looking for the right outfit for that special night or just because you want to feel sexy, come visit our beautiful boutique where our knowledgeable staff will help put your mind at ease and make your shopping experience a comfortable and pleasurable one. Be sure to check out our new Dance Studio; Gainesville's first and only to have five professional Spinning Poles. 

Remember Every woman Deserves TLC in her Life!

The Lingerie Company
Welcome to the Lingerie Company
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